SOS Warriors


Through Palm Beach County Youth Services

in Palm Beach County, offering services to youths ages 5-17.

We Offer:

Band (Concert/Marching)

Theater (Acting)

Dance (Ballet/Jazz)


Flag Football


Multiple field trips weekly

Fun/ Educational Reading and Math Lessons

College prep/tours for high school campers

End of the summer family and friends showcase.


The Palm Beach County Summer Camp of the Arts will provide morning pick ups within a 10 mile radius of the summer camp location. To book morning transportation, call 561-331-5038


Riviera Beach Preparatory Academy, 7071 Garden Road, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Phone: 561-331-5038  |  Email: [email protected] 

Log into:

*Once completed, select Palm Beach County  Summer Camp of the Arts as your summer location. 


  1. Log in to Youth Services Department website
  2. Click on Parent Application
  3. Click Register(on top right side of screen)
  4.  Choose “Parent”
  5. Complete an External User Registration and save
  6. Login in with your Username (email address) and
  7. Click (+Create Current Year)
  8. Complete the Head of Household Info
  9. Add member in the household by Clicking (+Add New Member)
  10. Add additional Family Members by clicking
    (+Additional Family Member)
  11. Add your child as the camper by clicking: (+Add New Camper)
  12. Complete all applicable INCOME INFO

A. Copy of Proof of Palm Beach County

B. Copy of Photo ID,

C. Copy of Income,

D. Copy of child(ren) birth certificate
*Attachments can be in the form of a picture or
scanned document.

  1. Review Release Form.
  2. Complete Checklist
  3. Sign electronically and submit

*Once completed, select Palm Beach County  Summer Camp of the Arts as your summer location. 

1. Camper(s) must be a resident of Palm Beach County and 5 years old enrolled or completed Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten and not older than 14 years old by June 1st of the application calendar year. If camper(s) are involved with foster care, homeless, Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), or has Special Needs diagnosis (as approved by YSD staff), the age can be extended to 17 years old, dependent on funding

2. Parents must provide all the applicable documentation:

a. Government issued photo identification for applicants within the household (driver’s license, resident alien card, passport, employment authorization, State of Florida picture identification, other as approved by YSD staff).

b. Proof of residency- one (1) of the following: utility bill, school record with camper’s name and address, driver license, free and reduced lunch from SDPBC, other- as approved by YSD staff

c. Proof of age for camper(s)- one of the following: birth certificate, immunization records, school record with parent and/or demographic information, other- as approved by YSD staff         


d. Proof of legal guardianship- court documents, notarized letters, other- as approved by YSD               


e. Proof of special need- Social Security, Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504


f. Proof of Income for entire household (to determine household is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline):           


I. Earned paystub; verification letter from employer, other- as approved by YSD staff


II. Unearned- TANF, SSI, SSA/SSDI or other, as approved by YSD staff


III. Any other income- unemployment, alimony, child-support, rental income, death benefits, etc.)

IV. Free/ Reduced lunch letter from SDPBC, in-lieu of earned income as approved by YSD staff.


Apply Now

Name / DOB: 02-22-2023 / Age / Relationship to you. Ex: Child
Complete this section for age eligible summer camper(s) ages 5-14 (Children of specialized population are between the ages of 5 and 17) by June 1st. 5 year old(s) must provide proof that they are currently attending or have completed VPK.


Attachments for Application Section Please email the required documents below in separate files. to [email protected].

* Copy of Proof of Palm Beach County Residency (Ex. recent utility bill, school demographics with camper’s name and address, driver’s license, etc.)

* Copy of Photo ID (Upload one of the following Driver's License, US Passport, Resident Card, Work Permit)

Note: The file format must be a .pdf, .docx, .doc, .dotx, .xls, .xlsx, .xltx, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif.
Note: ELC Camper(s) are not eligible for scholarship and system will not allow you to enter the camper(s).


$50: Weekly Payment for 1 Camper
$60: Weekly Payment for 2 Campers
$70: Weekly Payment for 3 Campers
$80: Weekly Payment for 4 Campers