SOS Warriors


  1. Music mission statement
    To create a musical community rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity while preparing each student with a solid foundation in music and comprehensive education in the liberal arts. To advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all our musicians to the end that they will be prepared to develop musical skills and understandings to the highest potential in their future.

The following guidelines have been set to provide clarity to our function and process. Being part of the Sounds of Success Music Corporation is an honor and privilege. Each member must uphold the ideals, traditions to come, and the legacy they leave behind.

The Sounds of Success Music Corporation is open to anyone, regardless of musical experiences, with a passion for the arts of music; marching/concert band, Choir, Dance, and Performance Arts. Interested participants should live within the surrounding areas of Palm Beach County. Auditions are held strictly for placement and assignments within the community music corporation. Director(s) will conduct these auditions. SOS Music participants range ages 10-23 years old. A one-time non refundable registration fee of $150.00 for each participant, ages 10 23, provided a school ID. The registration fee will cover the first month and having members added to the insurance policy required by the School District of Palm Beach County. All members must participate in fundraising twice a month and parent donations to the music program(s) once a month. The following items are required to be donated once a month:

(1) case of Zephyrhills Water.
(1) case of Gatorade or Powerade of choice.
(1) snacks, for example, (bagged chips, nutrition bars, honey buns, etc.)

Parents are asked to attend and assist with fundraisers and performances.

Band dues and monthly fees

There is a weekly fee of $10.00 per participant for membership beginning September 1, 2023; family rates are listed below. All payments are to be paid each Monday before rehearsal. Members will not be allowed to attend a rehearsal for the week if payments aren’t made on Mondays before rehearsals. Fees will be paid through Square Dashboard. An invoice will be sent out each Sunday for payments to be made.

Family Monthly Rates with Instruments

  • $25 for 1 child
  • $35 for 2 children
  • $45 for 3 children
  • $55 for 4 children


There is a one time fee of $100.00 that will go towards each participating member’s uniform but will only cover the marching sweatsuit and gloves. Members must have this fee paid in full before performing with the marching units. A replacement uniform or parts due to neglect or abuse are the responsibility of the participant. The uniform fee will be due by Thursday, September 1, 2023. A payment option is available, please see the
band director to set up a payment plan. The full band’s uniform will consist of:

● A full sweatsuit (included with $100 fee, Due ASAP. Payment option available).
● Band gloves (included with $100 fee).
● Band shirt ($20, due Friday, September 12, 2023).
● Metallic Gold LED Light up shoes hightops, (order on Amazon by October 1, 2023).
● Metallic Gold cap, (order on Amazon by October 1, 2023).

Additional Items (optional)

  • SOS Travel Bag (22″L 10″W 11″H) embroidered ($40, due by September 1, 2023).
  • SOS Book Bag embroidered ($40, due by August 12, 2023).
  • SOS Band parent and band member Letterman Jacket. Starting price is $80.00; additional fees are applied depending on detailing/add-ons.(due by September 23,


Band shirts are to be worn under the uniform during performances. Uniforms will be inspected before every event. Any student that does not meet this requirement will not be allowed to perform. Parts of the uniform include A sweat suit, marching band gloves, band hat, band shirt, band shoes, band spats, and all long black socks.

All participants are required to wear SOS Music gear to every rehearsal beginning.

Monday, August 1, 2023. Our physical training or field shirts and pants are $6 each or $12 a set. Participants are to wear all black to rehearsals until practice gear arrives or if they decide not to purchase.

All band parents/chaperones are required to purchase a band chaperone polo shirt. Only parents who buy the chaperone shirts will be allowed to travel and stay with the marching units. These parents will also have full access to the band on away competitions or Battle of the Bands. The band chaperone fee is $15.00 a month, covering: the SOS band parent chaperone shirt, entrance to band competitions and events, and access to riding the band bus on trips. The responsibilities include supervision of band members on away trips to ensure student safety.

Divas Elites/Warriorettes (grades K-5), Fabulous flyers (grades 3-Older) Fees
● There will be a one time fee of $360.00 which will cover the one time registration
fee of $100.00 and the dance gear which is $260.00. The Diva Elite dance gear
will consist of:
1. Dance uniform
2. T-shirt (customized).
3. Biker Shorts (customized) .
4. Dance sneakers

Sensational Dancers Fee (grades 6-Older)
● There will be a one time fee of $350.00 which will cover the one time registration
fee of $100.00 and the dance gear which is $250.00. Sensational dance gear will
consist of:
1. Dance outfits (majorette and jazz uniforms) (2 uniforms).
2. Dance Jazz Shoes (1 pair).
3. Dance tights.

A payment option is available for both auxiliaries; please see dance directors. The first payment of $100.00 will be due Monday, August 1.
Percussion/Drumline fees
● For tenor and bass drum players (Drum scrap $55.00, mallets/sticks $50.00) Total $155.00, due immediately!
● For snare and tom drum players (Drum scrap $45.00), (drum sticks $25.00) Total $70.00, due immediately!
● Cymbal players, $80.00 due immediately!

Brass and Woodwind players
The only fee is the registration fee. First come, first serve on instruments. Once filled, members will have to purchase instruments on their own. Please see Mr. Miller for more information on how to purchase an instrument.

Discipline and Attitude
We expect all band members of SOS Music to follow the procedures and rules of the band without question. Remember that our rules are common sense and that each is set to allow the band and its participants to have a safe, enjoyable, exciting, and thriving music educational experience. Repeated office referrals will result in removal from the SOS Music Corporation. Severe breaches of policies and procedures (those actions that disrupt performance or that jeopardize the safety of other members or sponsors) will be removed immediately from the music program and will not receive the benefit of a warning. Remember that all Sounds of Success Music rules are practical when members travel with and perform with the band. As a member of the marching units, you represent the Sounds of Success Music Corporation, Riviera Beach, and Palm Beach County. This includes any time we are in uniform or with the band and away from our campus. The policies regarding personal conduct and dress code in the SOS handbook should always be adhered to. NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN REHEARSAL. Cellphones are a huge distraction and will take away from learning to show music, formations, and dance moves for performances. Band members whose attitudes are detrimental to the program’s success “WILL“ be removed from the performing unit. There is ZERO tolerance for smoking or drinking around the band. This includes; band practice, band fundraisers, band performances, or anytime the band is together as a whole representing Sounds of Success Music. There is ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DATING WITHIN THE SOS PROGRAM. DATING WILL LEAD TO THE REMOVAL OF THE MUSIC PROGRAM.

Performance Responsibility/Stadium Procedure/Conduct
Performance responsibility extends beyond the realm of the marching field or concert stage. Performances are defined as anytime the band is together as a group. This includes; rehearsals, travel, social activities, and performances. During performances, the full band uniform will be worn at all times unless notified by the band director, staff, or section leaders. If certain situations arise, travel uniforms may be worn. Do not remove any part of your uniform when coming off the field unless you are instructed to do so by a staff member.

Performance responsibility extends beyond the marching field or concert stage. Performances are defined as anytime the band is together as a group. This includes; rehearsals, travel, social activities, and performances. During performances, the whole band uniform will be worn at all times unless notified by the band director, staff, or section leaders. If certain situations arise, travel uniforms may be worn. Do not remove any part of your uniform when coming off the field unless you are instructed to do so by a staff member.

Band Travel

Traveling requires all members to act and behave with the utmost respect when traveling with the marching or concert band units. MEMBERS WILL NOT TAKE ITEMS FROM HOTEL ROOMS WHEN TRAVELING WITH THE BAND. Staff members will check all hotel rooms before leaving, including parent rooms. Repeated violations of this rule will result in those members losing their travel privileges. When you travel, you represent the Sounds of Success Music Corporation to the public. Remember your responsibilities to the organization. Our public image is of vital concern, as is your ability to perform to your fullest potential. Consider the more excellent picture and what a moment of indiscretion may do to the band. Each band member as an individual is responsible for checking in and loading their equipment on the bus or van. IT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL SOS MEMBERS TO TRAVEL WITH THE FULL MARCHING BAND UNIT TO ALL PERFORMANCES. Participants must remain quiet while the roll is being checked so that an accurate accounting of each member may be recorded. Before leaving the bus, staff members will check for trash; members will not be allowed to get off the bus until it is cleaned to the satisfaction of the bus driver. Great bands do not leave trash behind. Members will be given departure times and the projected arrival time for out-of-town trips. Please be picked up promptly after trips and allow a 30-minute window on either side of the arrival time. This will ensure you do not have to wait more than 5 minutes. Sign-up sheets will be posted for housing attendance before any trip. Members who do not sign up for housing will be randomly assigned to a room by Directors. The Sounds of Success Community Marching Band trips are open to all families. Families are allowed to room together when traveling but must still cover the student cost in full. For example, if the trip costs $100 per person and a family decides they would like the child in their room, they must still pay the $100 plus the additional fees applied to the parent’s room or travel expenses. If parents aren’t traveling with the band, females will room together, and males will dwell together within their age range. For example, the middle school will have rooms with middle school, high school with high school, and so on. For all youths who are considered anyone under the age of 18, rooms will be located on upper-level floors, while adult rooms will be on the lower-level floors of the hotel. All participants will have a curfew; anyone who violates their curfew hours will lose their travel privileges. The tape will be placed on the outside doors of participants’ rooms to ensure that members remain inside their assigned rooms.

Daily Operations
Rehearsals are held Monday-Thursday, 4:00 pm-7:30 pm, rain or shine. All participants are required to attend every rehearsal. Keep in mind; that we are ENTERTAINERS, which involves a lot of rehearsal hours. Proper preparation for rehearsal includes having a pencil, your music folder with transparent protector sheets, drill charts, and your instrument at every rehearsal. Please take care of
your charts and sheet music. Band members must have the music with them at rehearsals, even if you’ve memorized it. It is required of all musicians that all music be marked with drill instructions IN PENCIL. Section leaders and staff members will check music throughout the week to see that it is appropriately marked. Please keep the facilities neat and clean. No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted in rehearsal or practice rooms. Members attending rehearsal under the influence of alcohol or drugs are subject to immediate suspension from the SOS Band performance activities pending further review. This rule will be strictly enforced. SOS attire is a must. Dress for the weather.
Good marching shoes and socks must be worn at practice. No sandals or flip- flops; you will not be allowed in rehearsal. Come prepared to brave the elements!

Daily Schedule
3:00pm-4:30pm Homework Completion
4:00pm-5:15pm Warm-ups for full band
5:15pm-6:15pm Sectionals
6:15pm-6:45pm Full band
6:45pm-7:00pm Announcements

**Fridays are utilized for sectionals if needed. Directors will notify members on Mondays for sectionals. All sectionals are mandatory, just like regular rehearsals. Members jeopardize losing their show positions if not in all trials and sectionals, which are both required. This is the year of London, and we will look our very best. You are joining the most recognizable and televised marching band in Palm Beach County; excellence is the only option. Proper communication is required for all members who will miss any rehearsals. Proof of absence must be provided with appropriate reasoning for missing rehearsal. ALL REHEARSALS ARE MANDATORY!!!

All SOS participants are required to maintain a 2.0 (G.P.A) grade point average for membership. Once members fall below the required 2.0 (G.P.A), they will be placed on a weekly progress report to help improve academics. Members must submit their report every Friday to maintain members’ information on a weekly progress report. The weekly progress report will inform staff members and parents if their child has any incomplete assignments throughout the week, behavior in class, class and homework assignments for the week, and most importantly, their weekly grade. Members must have this form signed and completed by each teacher until rates improve.

All report cards must be submitted to their staff member once received. We will keep a file of all students' academics to help build a band file for college enrollment and auditions. SOS Staff members will help arrange student auditions for college scholarships, but it’s the responsibility of both the parent and member to maintain excellent academics for scholarship considerations. Parents, we recommend checking your child's bookbag daily for homework and assignments. As mentioned, we do allow members the opportunity to complete tasks once they arrive, but staff members are not allowed to check members' bags for any assignments. Therefore, if a member says they didn’t receive any work, we can only take their word. It’s the responsibility of the parent to ensure all work is completed. Because rehearsals end at 7:30 pm, each member must be reliable and dependent. They are guaranteed to be tired after trials but must still have the
strength and will to complete any assignments not completed during homework time to maintain excellent academics.

London’s Band Week Requirements

  • Must maintain a 2.5 (G.P.A) all nine weeks to qualify for London.
  • No 1’s or 2’s in conduct.
  • Must have passports no later than January 1, 2024.
  • Must have perfect attendance for band rehearsals.
  • No unexcused absences for rehearsals.
  • Must have all sheet music and routines memorized.
  • Must be approved by all SOS staff members and school teachers. Teachers will sign off on each band member.
  • Must have perfect attendance/participation for all fundraisers.

Sounds of Success Music are limited to instruments, drums, flags, and poms, which we own. We highly recommend participants purchase their instruments. Instruments can be purchased on Amazon, local pawn shops, or music man with monthly payment options. Members using SOS instruments on a first-come, first serve basis will pay an additional monthly rental fee of $5.00 and any damages that may occur during the year due to abuse or neglect. All items are to be purchased through the SOS Music Corporation, such as reeds, cork
grease, valve/slide oil, sticks and scraps for percussionists, music books, or any other supplies needed for the marching and concert band. Members will complete the instrument rental form before receiving an instrument or drum.

Homework Tutorials
Tutors have been set in place by SOS music to help students maintain great academics. Tutoring will take place every Monday and Thursday from 3:00pm-4:30pm beginning August 1, 2023. Tutoring is optional; each session will cost $10, which will be paid to each tutor. For example, if you enroll your child into all three sessions a week, this will cost $30.00, not including the required weekly fee of $10.00. Our tutors are educators currently studying education. This is highly recommended for all SOS band members but not required. Members can also use this time to complete any homework.


It is critical in any marching band to maintain regular attendance habits. It is challenging to perfect music, marching drills, and formations when the band must deal with “holes” created by absenteeism. It is unfair to require members at rehearsals to go out of their way to accommodate those missing members. As such, members are urged to develop the habit of regular and punctual attendance at all rehearsals and performances. Regular attendance will be a requirement for all members of the SOS Band. Attendance will be taken, and band members will have to sign in and out daily. Any band member who missed more than one rehearsal in a week (unexcused) will not be allowed to perform in the upcoming event until the Band Director approves. This is the year of London; we are very serious about all our rehearsals and fundraisers.

Band Leadership

The Band’s Staff or Section Leaders provide the necessary assistance in operation to the music and band director department. A complete discussion of the Band’s Staff system is contained in this General Information Handbook. Band leadership is also an essential aspect of the marching band. Specific positions have been created to help cover the unique requirements of a marching band to particular types of band leadership. The available jobs and the criteria for selection are listed below.

A. Drum Major and Band Captain– The Martin County Community Marching Band will have 1-5 drum majors (depending on the band’s size). The drum majors are an integral part of the band’s staff leadership team in the marching band. Drum Majors serve in that position for one season at a time. These positions are declared open each spring, and all interested candidates must audition for the roles regardless of previous standing as drum majors. The Marching Band Staff also reserves the right to require the participation of the Drum Majors in summer clinics or leadership seminars as deemed necessary by the band director. Their function: Serve as “field commanders” of the band during rehearsals and performances. Be responsible to the Director, and work with him in leading rehearsals and performances. Possess the ability to put a great deal of “showmanship” into their performances while simultaneously commanding the entire organization's respect. Lead by example in all areas of marching, musicianship, and character. Auditions occur each spring. Interested members must be enrolled in the Sounds of Success Music Corporation and have been member of the MCC Band for at least one year. All students petitioning for the central drum position will also complete a written application form in the Band Office. Additional information is available from the administrative assistant in the band office.

B. Section Leader– Section leaders are responsible for a particular instrumental section of the band. This responsibility includes: training the team in the content and execution of the marching fundamentals, rehearsing music, warming up the area before every rehearsal, and maintaining proper rehearsal discipline Instruction in the basic rules and regulations as contained in each handbook. Maintaining high-performance standards and serving as the spokesperson for the entire section while assisting the director in making personnel decisions in the section and policy decisions that will affect the whole band—reporting accurate section attendance to the band’s assistant each week.

C. Assistant Section Leader- Assist the Section Leader with the abovementioned duties. Assistant Section Leaders will be selected according to the same policies listed above for Section Leaders.

D. Rank Sergeant- The band is divided into three/five-member ranks(depending on the band size). Within each class, two individuals will be named as a Rank Sergeant per rank, left and right sergeants. This individual will be responsible for the proper execution of all marching and maneuvering commands within that particular rank. Rank Sergeants answer directly to section leaders. An Assistant Rank Sergeant (position last in the class) will be selected by the Section Leader and Rank Sergeant in cooperation with the band director. The process for choosing Rank Sergeants will be the same as described above for Section Leaders.

E. Auxiliary Dance Leaders- The auxiliary leaders are the counterparts of their respective band groups and assume the same responsibility in their groups. Additional leaders report to the respective Auxiliary Director and Director of the Marching Band. Responsibilities include the instruction and maintenance of discipline in the separate extra groups, assisting the additional director in planning routines, instructing members of the individual groups in executing those routines, teaching members of the groups the basic marching fundamentals, and enforcing marching band policies. During the spring semester, interested students with at least one year of experience in their respective groups may petition for leadership positions. Candidates will be selected based on the results of a personal interview, a review of past performance, and a formal audition routine. The band and auxiliary director will make the decision.

Band’s Motto:
“We strive for only excellence”
“We take full pride in our culture”
“Success is a MUST/failures are choices”
“Excuses are only tools”
“Knowledge is Power”
“Perfection in Musicianship”
“Precision in Marching”
“Dedication to Service”

Adult Set: Top(XS-6XL)/Bottom(XS-4XL) Youth Set: (XS-XL)

Here are the COVID 19 procedures we have set in place.

1. The students will have their temperatures taken before entering the building and require a facemask (Supplies provided by participants).
2. All students must enter and leave out of the front door located in the main building.
3. Students must wash their hands and use sanitizer before reporting to the band room, rehearsal space, or anytime the band takes a break.

4. No more than two students are allowed in the restroom. Students must sign in and out each time they use the restroom.
5. No parents are allowed inside the school. Parents must call the band room phone for their child to be dismissed before the scheduled dismissal time.
6. Staff members will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as but not limited to classroom doors, students’ desks, music instruments, etc.
7. Parents, please overstand the importance of keeping children home when they are sick or showing signs of a cold.
8. To help stop the spread of germs: we will inform staff and students to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Throw used tissues in the trash (bag changed frequently. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands; wash immediately. I humbly thank you for your time. For any questions, please call (561)-331-5038.