SOS Warriors

The Chosen Ones

The SOS Warriors Marching Band is the only community band chosen to represent the United States of America at “London Band Week 2023” in the United Kingdom. Our unique style, vibrant energy and passion for musical    performance is what sets us apart from the competition.

Who is Sounds of Success (SOS) Warriors Marching Band?

SOS Warriors Marching Band is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who provides a musical community for   children and young adults (5-23 years old). We are rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity as we prepare them with a solid foundation in music in Palm Beach County. It’s our goal to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all of our musicians to the end that they will be prepared to develop musical skills and understandings to the highest potential in their own future.

From SOS Marching Band

Our purpose is to raise money for the Sounds of Success (SOS) Warriors Marching Band, from Riviera Beach to travel to the United Kingdom for “London Band Week 2023” to perform and compete on an international stage.

The Cost

Being invited to London for this amazing opportunity doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. We will be 100 strong as we embark on a 10- hour journey traveling across the seas. We will spend seven days in the UK, performing, competing and learning about marching bands from across the world.


$ 5,000
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If you prefer to submit your sponsorship and payment the old fashioned way please return your completed sponsorship form and payment by
Friday, March 31, 2023 to receive full benefits. For faster processing this form can be completed Online at or emailed to [email protected]


If you would like for us to send you an invoice for payment, please fill out the required fields on the form below and click “send invoice”

For any questions regarding sponsorship of the SOS Marching Band
Please contact Sandy Collier, President of Hey, Sandy! PR & Communications at  (561) 386-5262 or [email protected]